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Open many videos simultaneously!

Another unique feature of AK-Player is the ability to play multiple files at the same time, something which really sets it apart from virtually every other media player out there. Even better is the fact that you can control the volume or mute or unmute the audio in each individual window that you have open. There is also a global volume control, however. When you drag and drop a new media file into the program, it will automatically open in a new window without closing down the currently open file. Its play multiple files simultaneously and organize your music in a smart playlist.


Two media players in one program!

AK-Player is a highly compatible and versatile application. This is especially important since there are so many different audio and video formats out there and it is not ideal to have multiple media players installed for playing the many different file types you can find on the web. AK-Player provides two different media player engines allowing the userto play just about any type of video file.



Watch cached vidoes without internet!

With AK-Player 7 you still can watch the videos you have been watching on the Internet even when away from an Internet connection it's free media player download from media website while offline.